Monetize any service using the lightning network

The world computer enables developers all over the world to sell their services without a bank account or the risk of being censored.

Lightning Native Services

A developer platform that removes all barriers to entry

  • Over 1 Billion people in the world do not have access to a bank account
  • Without a bank account you cannot setup an account with a payment processor
  • No onboarding or account setup to get started

How it Works

Use the same code you're already used to

No new frameworks or languages to learn. Writing a service that can be deployed on The World Computer will be familiar to any developer who has ever deployed a serverless function to AWS Lambda or Google Cloud Functions.

  1. Write or adapt your service for The World Computer
  2. Set a cost denominated in sats
  3. Sit back and watch the sats roll in

Endless Possibilities

Use Cases

Sell Access to Data

Proprietery sensor data based on your unique geographic location. Historical data or statistics about the stock market, sports, or financial markets.

Fee Estimation

Light-client wallets and applications that do not maintain a mempool have no great privacy preserving way to estimate transaction fees.

Transaction Broadcast

Instead of broadcasting transactions from the same IP or geographic location every time you could gain privacy by paying other nodes to relay your transaction.


Whether it's for fun or for a small wager you could provide fun and entertainment for all. Lightning native satoshi dice anyone?

Machine Learning Inference

Have you created a model that can predict a solution to someone else's problem? Sell access via inference over the lightning network.

Lightning Network Routing

Mobile lightning enabled wallets and applications often require a third party to provide payment routing. Easily sell access to your private routing service

Super Coders

The Dream Team

Interested in working together? Shoot me a DM on twitter with your experience and expertise. Looking for Bitcoin developers with experience with Rust and React.

John Cantrell
Software Engineer
Shadowy Super Coder
Shadowy Super Coder
Shadowy Super Coder